Chloe Lukasiak Miscellaneous Videos

Chloe Lukasiak Miscellaneous Videos

Chloe Lukasiak dancing at a meet and greet


Chloe, Paige and Brooke singing

Christi and Chloe in Disney world

Chloe does a makeup tutorial

Chloe and Paige dancing with RGDance

Chloe gives a tour of her room and closet

Dance Moms on the Red Carpet for the Cats for Cats Benefit

Chloe Lukasiak talking about Sally Miller clothes

Chloe and Maddie remake Last Friday Night

Chloe and Christi at a meet and greet

Chloe Lukasiak showing off her b-day gifts

Chloe Lukasiak dancing at her birthday party

Dance Moms girls scared on the 22nd floor of their hotel

Dance Moms girls doing the Squirrel Dance

New Chloe Lukasiak turn video

Dance Moms Girls dancing on stage at the awards ceremony

Chloe Lukasiak practicing turns

Chloe and Nia Frazier old audition tape

Chloe and Brooke Hyland singing a song

Chloe Lukasiak New Dance Combination

Chloe and Clara Lukasiak playing in the Snow

Chloe and Clara Lukasiak Halloween 2010

Chloe Lukasiak and Paige Hyland pretending to be characters from the Wizard of Oz

Dance Moms girls auditioning for MSA Agency


Dance Moms girls performing A Child is Born at Jump Dance convention


Dance Moms girls performing Where have all the Children Gone at Jump Dance convention


Maddie Ziegler and Chloe Lukasiak “Inside of Me” Duet at Jump Dance Convention (will not be on Dance Moms)


Dance Moms girls dancing to music before dance rehearsal


Chloe and Clara Lukaiskak playing


Chloe performing 32 fouettes


Chloe Lukasiak learning new turns



Chloe Lukasiak Hip Hop Combination


Dance Moms girls performing 007 on Anderson Cooper


Lukasiak House Tour given by Christi Lukasiak


Chloe Lukasiak smiling


Chloe Lukasiak putting lipstick on


Chloe and Paige Hyland twirling in tutus


Chloe petting a horse in Philidephia



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