Fun Facts

Chloe Lukasiak Fun Facts

  • Chloe has won 3 crowns, National Small Fry Miss Dance Educators of America 2010 and Junior Miss Dance Educators of America 2011
  • Chloe hates Pizza
  • You can talk to Christi Lukasiak on Gramicon
  • Brandon Pent and Chloe both go to the same school
  • Clara wanted a guinea pig for Christmas and she wanted to feed it grapes
  • Christi got engaged to Marc on December 24th 1998
  • Chloe did the commercial for Candy Apples just for the show
  • Maddie and Chloe model for Glitzy Girl
  • Nia or Paige are the most talkative dancers on the team
  • Chloe’s best turns are Fouettes or a La Secondes
  • Chloe takes ballet more often and at a more advanced level than the other girls on Dance Moms
  • Chloe is strongest in Contemporary or Ballet
  • Chloe dances 4-5 times a week
  • Chloe gets suspended from dance in season 3 of Dance Moms because of a fight Abby and Christi got in
  • Chloe used to have braces
  • Christi Lukasiak made the wedding veils for the dance Head over Heels
  • Christi Lukasiak have been friends with Kelly for 9 years, Holly for 7 years, and Melissa for 6 years
  • Marc Lukasiak is the Director of Marketing and Communications at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh
  • Chloe gets her dance clothes from Oxyjen, Bodkini, Divina, Tawney G, Angelface, and Jo and Jax
  • Marc Lukasiak graduated from Gannon University with a BA in English in 1997, he used to be a reporter at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
  • Christi opened her franchised Strench N Grow in 2003, here is an article featuring her
  • Chloe is 4’9″, Brooke is 4’10″. and Christi is 5’8″
  • Christi hates the dance “Electricity”
  • Neither the Dance Moms nor their daughters are paid to be on the show
  • Audra Adams is the girls’ tudor who travels with them when they miss school
  • Gianna Martello is the assistant that is frequently in the show
  • Chloe does homework before dance and is in bed by 9:30
  • Chloe’s first trio partners where Josh Hyland (Josh has quit dance and now just “street dances” and plays hockey) and Paige Hyland when she was 5
  • Chloe has asthma
  • Chloe Lukasiak has been to Disney wolrd 9 times
  • Chloe and Paige are called Twines because they look alike
  • Chloe could not watch season 1 the night it aired because it started past her bedtime at 10 PM
  • Christi Lukasiak hates the Patriots and is a Steelers Fan
  • Chloe’s favorite book series is “The Sister’s Grimm”
  • Christi’s nickname from her husband is “Bird”
  • When chloe & paige were 4,they used to sing the Wonder Pets theme in the yard.
  • Chloe and Paige have been planning their double wedding for a year, down to the last detail
  • Chloe’s favorite music artist are Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga
  • Christi was an Alpha Sigma Alpha at Gannon University, her husband is a Tau Kappa Epsilon.  They were collegge sweethearts.
  • Christi likes to shop at Marshalls and TJMAxx
  • Chloe’s first dog was Cami, second dog Maisy and current dog Maggie- all from the Humane Society
  • Christi once sewed her thumb to a sewing machine and had to call 911 to get her out and was 7 months pregnant with Clara.
  • Clara did photoshoot for children’s hospital of PGH this year
  • Chloe beat Maddie 3 times before the show started
  • Chloe dances mon, tues,thurs 4:30-8 and sometimes Saturday morning
  • Lux is Ted Danson’s daughter
  • When clara watches the It’s Like summer music video she screams “my Chloe!”
  • Christi owned a childrens fitness franchise, Strech-n-Grow for 8 years
  • To get the girls’ hair ready for electricity they slept in little braids then teased and hairsprayDance Moms-Chloe Lukasiak
  • Christi claims to be the worst parker on the planet (Sorry Christi…Thats me)
  • Christi does not even have a bottle of wine in her house despite the fact Abby acts like she drinks too much
  • The girls had to do a dance audition to be on the show and at ALDC, the moms had to audition for the show too
  • Clara was Jesse from toy story for Halloween
  • Chloe’s farewell dance (I wanna be a Rockette) for Junior Miss Dance of America got a standing ovation
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    I read the Grimm Sisters too! I <3 that series!

  2. Lydia Singer

    Chloe you are the nicest girl i have every known and i wanted to say that you inspired me to keep dancing and i have always wanted to be a rocket!

  3. DanceMoms19

    Chloe I am your biggest fan ever!!!!!

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