Dance Moms Season 4

Chloe Lukasiak Dance Moms Season 4 Results

Episode 1-Sheer Talent-Wheeling West, VA

Pre Teen Trio Division

1st Overall-Buckle Up

Pre Teen Group Division

3rd Overall-Girls Night Out

Episode 2-Believe Talent Competition Columbus, OH

Junior Solo Division

2nd Overall-Hear me Roar

Junior Group Division

1st Overall-Just Another Number

Episode 3- In10sity Dance Competition Orlando, FL

Junior Group Division

1st Overall-Smells Like Teen Spirit

Junior Duet/Trio Division

2nd Overall-See no Evil, Speak no Evil, Hear no Evil

Episode 4-Dance Troupe International Roanoke, VA

Junior Group Division

1st Overall-The Witches of East Canton

Intermediate Solo Division

1st Overall-Wreck It

Episode 5- Masters of Dance Arts Atlanta, GA

Junior Duet/Trio Division

1st Overall-Southern Belles

Junior Group Division

1st Overall-At Last


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